Response: Accident Victims Increasingly Being Hit Again -- With 'Crash Taxes

The follow story is a response to a Fox News article published Sept. 7, 2010.  Our response is in blue.


National Interest

Accident Victims Increasingly Being Hit Again -- With 'Crash Taxes'

By Ed Barnes


Cary Feldman was astride his motor scooter, three cars back at a stoplight in Chicago Heights, Ill., last June when a car bumped him from behind. “It was nothing,” the 71-year old said. “I fell off and got right back up. As I was getting up I noticed a fire truck slow, look at me, and pull away. It never stopped and I didn’t think anything of it.”

Fox News was extremely selective in choosing this case to “report”.  Mr. Feldman’s case is the exception, not the rule.  The following are actual facts*:  99.99% of the accidents have fatal, incapacitating injuries, non-incapacitating injuries and potential of fire needing assistance.    Of the 6,397,000 crashes, fire departments (which 73% are volunteer departments relying on chicken dinners, donations and $75 annual resident fees to survive) respond to 1,663,280 crashes.  However, 42,398 are fatal, 355,548 have incapacitating injuries, 917,593 have injuries and 347,741 property damage accidents that have the potential of fire or possible injuries.

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