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We appreciate your interest in CostRecovery Corporation (CRC), National Leader in recovering costs for Safety Services.   Our website will provide you with many avenues of information and factual data to evaluate if our services may be of assistance to you and your community.

My name is Regina Moore, President of CRC. 

Our Company works with Police and Fire Services assisting in offsetting costs associated with traffic crash responses, structure fires, Hazmat, water rescue, false alarms etc.  Our mission is to recover these costs from insurance and recycle the funds back into Public Safety budgets.  Ultimately this will keep our safety service departments intact, citizens safe and minimize insurance liability costs.

Since beginning in this business, I have made hundreds of educational presentations to city councils, council workshops, and public hearings all over the United States. Presentations are designed to inform the public, city leaders, and insurance executives on how to appropriately implement our integrity-based, professional billing program.  Our Company’s forthright process and protocol provide our Clients with consistent results.   We are proud to be viewed as National leaders in helping Safety Services. 

Over time, my role has expanded into a public safety advocate.  We are determined to lead the way and maintain stringent policies in billing ONLY the AT-FAULT party and their insurance, evaluating actual Police and Fire Department’s REAL costs associated with doing business and billing for their services accordingly, and keeping Clients informed of Legislative maneuvers happening state by state and how it affects their communities directly.   Our interest to educate and belief that city and community leaders across the Country would be interested in how their budgets and ability to recover costs were being affected by others’ motivations and decisions lead to our development of a public safety DVD.  It is also used to educate local and state legislators on the needs of Safety Services.

Our continued willingness to educate and advocate for Safety Services has opened up doors that don’t necessarily bring new Clients directly to us.  For the well-being and integrity of the business overall, it is exciting that I personally have had these opportunities:

  • The Florida League of Cities asked me to testify before the Florida Senate on behalf of Public Safety in Florida. 
  • As an expert in Safety Service billing, I was invited to testify before the National Conference of Insurance Legislators in Washington, D.C. to educate State legislators on the need for alternative funding for Safety Services departments.  This resulted in a unanimous vote in favor of Safety Services.
  • I have been honored and humbled to sing the National Anthem at several State Fire Memorial services.

My philosophy in life and business is that people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care! 

And, as you will see on your visit to our site, CostRecovery Corporation is truly a company that cares.