Frequently Asked Questions


Why bill for traffic crash responses?

Similar to other user fees it is designed to remove an unfair tax burden from ALL innocent taxpayers and target ONLY the appropriate party. Insurance companies should reimburse communities for services provided to their negligent policyholder. Innocent taxpayers should not be forced to subsidize insurance companies’ investigatory costs, thru-traffic or non-contributing individuals who require service response due to their own negligence. This program follows all mandates set forth by the Federal Government and OIG as related to EMS.

Why don’t taxes cover police/fire services at traffic crashes?

Taxes cover basic police and fire services. Basic services consist of fire protection for home/business and criminal protection/investigation. Traffic crashes are typically civil situations caused by negligence and detract from safety services ability to serve and protect their own residents/taxpayers.

Is this double taxation?

No. Taxpayers are exempt if they pay taxes in the location of the incident. Negligent driving fees prevent insurance companies from receiving DOUBLE profits.

Is this a way for the city/county/township to make additional money?

No. This is designed to protect taxpayer dollars. Recouping the money already spent by taxpayers and recycling it back into the budget for services actually benefits the innocent taxpayer.

Who is billed for a traffic crash response?

Only the at-fault driver’s insurance would receive a claim. If “fault” is not determined, no action is taken until the insurance companies have agreed upon responsibility.

Is my insurance company required to pay these claims?

Currently, 56% of insurance companies recognize the value of this program and pay these claims. Keeping policyholders safe limits potential liability costs for insurance companies and as a result, protects their profit margins. The financial benefits to insurance companies would further indicate their responsibility to reimburse the community in which their negligent policyholder received service. Most insurance companies claim to cover liabilities due to negligence and traffic crashes are indeed a liability caused by negligent driving. However, each policy, broker and company is unique. We encourage you to contact your local broker and hold them accountable for your premiums paid. The law requires that we maintain insurance, however, it does not mandate a specific company. We encourage prudent shopping.

What happens if my insurance company doesn’t cover me?

A resident is exempt from any out of pocket cost provided no crime has been committed. A non-resident/non-taxpayer would be held financially accountable because they are not supporting safety services in that specific community.

What if the at-fault driver is un-insured?

You are required by law to maintain insurance. The un-insured at-fault driver would be billed directly.

Will recovering costs raise my insurance rates?

No. The State Insurance Commissioner controls insurance rates. If your premium were adjusted, it would be because you were at fault, thus deeming you a higher risk. This would occur regardless of this program or additional claim.

Is this program unwelcoming to neighboring communities or potential visitors?

No. Statistics indicate that people avoid unsafe/high crime communities. Tolls, hotel tax, recreational/park fees etc. are examples of other types of extraneous user fees that do NOT hinder visitors/tourism. Incentivizing safe driving creates a safer commute and community.