Cost Recovery Corporation History

Dr. Terry Henley, Founder of Cost Recovery Corporation (CRC), is the creator of the concept of billing automobile insurance companies for services provided at traffic crashes. Dr. Henley has more extensive experience in the billing and collection of various services to insurance companies than any other individual or company in the United States.

Serving on many State and National committees, Dr. Henley has worked in unison with insurance companies in the development of national standards. This has provided insight for the development of a methodology to collect payments from automobile insurance companies.
In 1999, Hamilton Ohio Fire Chief Joe Schutte reached out to Dr. Henley for help. Hamilton was preparing to close one of its fire stations, which would have nearly doubled the response times to citizens living in that area. This posed a real danger to those citizens. Dr. Henley was able to successfully assist Hamilton in originating the first formal billing program in the Nation. He had previously tested and billed for HazMat and single incident crashes as far back as the late 1970's. After considering the extensive costs associated with police work at automobile incidents, Dr. Henley instituted the billing of law enforcement services at crashes in 2004.

Due to our patent pending for police service billing, CRC is currently the only company in the country providing recovery service for law enforcement.

As innovator and former President of Mad-Systems Management, Inc., Dr. Henley developed the billing system for (EMS) Ambulance services in 1977 and headed the first private company to bill for Ohio and Kentucky Fire Department EMS services in 1978. Under his leadership, the company was the first in the nation to submit electronic claims and receive electronic payments from Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Shield and 105 of the largest commercial insurance carriers for EMS services. His company was the national pilot for these programs.

Dr. Henley's leadership also provided the billing of 35 Hospital Emergency Room Departments and downloaded the electronic demographic files from each hospital for processing insurance claims for the EMS clients. In 2000, the owners sold Mad-Systems to a physician billing company. Dr. Henley is an expert in the field of insurance and Safety Service Department billing.

Dr. Henley was a featured guest lecturer for the International Association of Fire Chief's 2004 Educational Forum. He was also the first in the nation to create a HIPAA and OIG compliance operations manual for fire departments. This was accomplished prior to the implementation of HIPM guidelines and reflects consistent proactive and forward thinking, similar to the forward thinking that resulted in the development of the traffic crash billing program for both law enforcement and fire.