Insurance Representatives

Due to the economic downturn, increasing population, increase in service demands, and the decreasing tax base, safety service departments and citizens are in need of assistance and support. There is a dangerous downsizing trend occurring within our Nation's safety service departments and will result in an increase in crime, damages, injuries and deaths.

CostRecovery Corp recognizes the initial negative reaction by some insurance companies relating to this program, especially considering the fact that these services have previously been provided to insurance companies free of charge. However, lack of support for this program is short-sighted from a business perspective and dangerous from a public safety perspective.

Consider the following:
  1. The services provided are not basic services and are outside the scope of Safety Services' primary job function.
  2. Safety Services' investigation, reconstruction and reporting of an emergency situation or crash provide necessary information to the insurance companies for prompt adjudication of claims.
  3. Minimizing crime, damages, injuries and deaths will limit liability costs, protect profits and afford policyholders affordable premiums. This indeed would be pro-consumer.
  4. Supporting this program while another insurance company may choose not to, allows the opportunity of internal market competition and garnering new policyholders.
  5. Reimbursing the community that provided services to a policyholder, and relieving the unfair financial burden from taxpayers is positive public relations for the insurance industry.
Finally, our clients are appreciative of those insurance companies who do indeed pay these claims. The supporters recognize the cost benefit of this program to their policyholders as well as to themselves.